Field Hockey Stuns in a Marvelous Season

Junior Allie Kelleher dribbling down the field

Junior Allie Kelleher dribbling down the field

Junior Allie Kelleher dribbling down the field

Skyla Blansett, Staff Writer

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Since the season began in August, the Lady Wildcats field hockey team has been practicing with determination to obtain the State Championship title. From the start of the season, the team treated each regular season game as though it were a game in the season-ending state tournament. They had high expectations for success.
This season has allowed the team to showcase its hard work and effort.
“Every individual player has a high level of skill and as a team we bring a lot to the table, so we were definitely ready to show everyone the things we can do and the skill that our team has,” senior Allie Kelley said.
In order to achieve the successful end to the season and reach states, the players have been improving themselves to become the team that will hopefully take home the state title.
“We have been building to get rid of all the bad habits we have and getting rid of all negativity. We don’t get down on each other. We only lift each other up no matter how frustrating the game can become,” Kelley said.
The growth of the team can be seen throughout the highlight moments of the season. One victory the team is particularly proud of is the win against Prince George. The Wildcats lost to the Royals last year in the Regional Semi-Finals, but came out on top this time, beating them 3-1.
After redeeming themselves against the Royals, the team took on Collegiate and Trinity, two private schools that are especially challenging. They won against Collegiate 3-1, which was a first for the program. Although they lost to Trinity, they were able to control the game and make Trinity work for the win in overtime on a penalty shot.
“It was a high [of the season] for us to be that neck-and- neck with them throughout the whole game,” senior Morgan Whitaker said.
In addition to the most challenging games of the season, the rivalry between Godwin continues to excite the team.
“I always look forward to playing Godwin because they’re our rivals and toughest competition in our area,” junior Natalie Bidiunas said.
Kelley also noted that one of her favorite memories from the season was beating Godwin twice in overtime. As any Deep Run athlete can attest, there are few victories sweeter than the victory over the Eagles.
The team holds an impressive record: 15 wins and only one loss in the regular season. They are favored to soar through the playoffs and make a run deep into the state tournament.

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Field Hockey Stuns in a Marvelous Season