Rachel Danneman

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The faculty welcomes Nurse Rachel Danneman for the 2017-2018 school year, who is Nurse Meghan Forester’s replacement.
Ms. Danneman was born and raised in Henrico County, Virginia. She attended rival Godwin High School and graduated in 2007. From there, she studied for her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology at Virginia Commonwealth University and her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing.
Her first job was in the pediatric unit at St. Mary’s Hospital, a job in which she found exhausting, yet rewarding.
“My favorite part of working at [St. Mary’s] was when I got to care for babies and could feed them and rock them to sleep,” Ms. Danneman said.
After many years at St. Mary’s, she decided to leave and become a school nurse. Her first job as a school nurse job was at Wilder Middle School. When the Deep Run’s school nurse position opened this summer, she decided to take it.
“I accepted the job at Deep Run because I wanted to work with the high school population. Also, I have a secret mission to access the Deep Run football playbook to give to the Godwin football team…just kidding! I’m definitely team Deep Run now,” Ms. Danneman said.
When she’s not working, she enjoys spending as much time with her family here in Richmond as possible.
“I have traveled around the world and seen many eye-opening events while working in the hospital, and I have realized that nothing is better than sitting here in Richmond surrounded by family members,” Danneman said.
Despite only being here a few weeks, she believes that the students and faculty of Deep Run are hardworking, dedicated, and motivated.
“Everyone has been very nice to me so far and hopefully will continue to be nice even after finding out that I went to Godwin,” Ms. Danneman said.
She looks forward for caring for the students and faculty in the coming school year.

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Rachel Danneman