Dorcas Lin presents #WHOLESOME

Celina Ng

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Every year, seniors in the art department have the opportunity to present their own art shows in the art hallway. On Nov. 10, senior Dorcas Lin presented her art show, #WHOLESOME. She chose this name because her pieces delve into the deeper parts of all humans, from our flaws to whatever else is beyond our façade.
“#WHOLESOME represents our surface of innocence. Within the word ‘whole- some’ comes ‘who me,’ asking the readers to question if they are indeed as ‘genuine’ as they seem to the rest of the world,” Lin said.

She had a month to prepare for the show.

Lin brainstormed how she wanted her pieces to be laid out within the space. Then, she came up with a title for the show and made postcards and advertisement to promote it. During that time, she started to paint “#WHOLESOME” on the wall, which took the longest time, because there’s no room for error.
For her show, Lin wanted to make people pause and stare at the pieces rather than just walking past the pieces quickly. As a result, this allows curiosity to start seeping in for people the longer they look at each
Her favorite piece was “Harold’s Day Off ” because it was one of the cleanest finishes she has ever done character-wise. She enjoyed painting it because it allowed her to take a break from conceptual execution
and just focus on technique.
Lin loved the experience of creating her own art show.

“I think my favorite part was the constant wave of people who were in and out of my show. Normally, in other senior art shows, one wave of people will come in. Then, it’ll be dead for a little bit before a second wave comes in. However, I constantly talked to new people, which was awesome,” Lin said.

Overall, the art show gave Lin the opportunity to present her work to the local community.

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Dorcas Lin presents #WHOLESOME