Marathon dance and dancing plague?

Noah Farrell

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In ye olden times, the plagues were horrific, life destroying diseases that could wipe out whole populations in weeks. However, as medicine became more advanced, plagues became less common. In fact, most of us have never seen a plague in the United States. But what if I told you that there is a plague from the 1500s that happens every year in this very school? You might dismiss me as some raving lunatic, who is trying to draw connections where there aren’t any, or using easily disproved theories as fact. You would be right.
The dancing plague of the 1500s is somewhat well known, as it is one of the biggest mysteries that have yet to be solved. The story goes that in 1518, a woman began dancing manically in the street of Strasbourg, Alsace (a part of the Holy Roman Empire). Then, within a week, 34 others joined her, all of them dancing without music, or any ability to stop. Within a month, there were 400 dancers, some dying of heart attacks, strokes or exhaustion. The only problem was that the cause has never been truly identified. This seriously happened. Google it.
Now, that was the 1500s, and the plague mostly died out in the 1700s, but what if someone had found a way to remake the plague, and infect hundreds for their own motive?
Founded by Mrs. Kern, the Deep Run Marathon Dance is a charity event that raises thousands for organizations around the greater Richmond area. The 27-hour long dance is beloved by all, and is one of the biggest events for students. But how would someone be able to withstand 27 consecutive hours with few breaks and high physical stress? Maybe with something that we thought we left in the 1700s.
Some of the speculated causes for the dancing plague were that the people were mentally deranged, ergot poisoning, or stress. That last one sounds familiar to most of us, right? Most high school students get stressed out from trying to balance school, jobs, their personal life, social life, and relationships. However, the school seems to get the most stressful in its third quarter. The marathon dance also happens to take place in the third quarter of school. Coincidence? I think not. I believe that Mrs.Kern and the entire faculty purposefully make the third quarter harder and more stressful to make sure that everyone cannot stop dancing at the Marathon Dance.
When I confronted her about this massive issue, she spilled the whole can of beans.
“Yes all the teachers get together and create a master plan to implement lessons that are far more difficult than they need to be, so that we can stress the students to their limit in hopes of getting them to dance uncontrollably for 27 hours,” Mrs. Kern said.
When I started this investigation, I expected to find nothing and be ridiculed by my peers. However, I exposed the biggest conspiracy of this school’s history.
I am torn, however, as this dance does raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities, and is loved by many students, so it can’t be all that bad.

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Marathon dance and dancing plague?