Students get opportunity to shadow government officials

Adam Brooks

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Student government Day is an annual event where students can spend the day with a local government official or school leader. The Kiwanis Club of Richmond has been sponsoring the event since 1958.
According to HCPS, “The objective of the program is to give students a ‘hands-on’ experience allowing them to learn about the work of government and school leaders.”
Government teacher Ashley Smyth said, “Each year the options and opportunities change depending on which county departments and employees are able to participate in the day’s activities. This year students have the opportunity to shadow juvenile and circuit court judges, Public Relations for HCPS, Principal, Educational Specialist positions, HCPD Police Chief, IT Specialists, and County Board of Supervisors members.”
Senior Tom Eichner will be shadowing the Principal of Glen Allen High School as part of the event.
“I’m really excited to see his daily life and how he handles his job. It’s interesting to me and is hopefully going to help me decide on a career path for the future.”
“Many students use SGD as an opportunity to gain experience in a professional setting in the public work sector. In the past, some student participants have made valuable connections with their mentors which has led to internship opportunities as students pursue their college degrees,” Mrs. Smyth said.
This opportunity is a unique experience for students, as it allows them to apply the concepts and information that they absorb in the classroom in a real-world environment. Furthermore, students are able to see the public servants who so amicably pursue careers for the betterment of the societies around them in action. It is apparent that experiencing the machinations of local government and educational systems is absolutely crucial to understanding the world around us.

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Students get opportunity to shadow government officials