Senior field hockey player: Natalie Biliunas

Kristen Willoughby, Staff Writer

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Natalie Biliunas ,  A senior who is on the field hockey team.  She is a determined person her love of field hockey made  her work harder , never give up and always accomplish her goals. Her  determination has really paid off during this season especially in the state finals.  

One of her  favorite memories on the team was when she scored the winning goal last year  in overtime against Gloucester High School in the state semifinals. Bilunas plans on playing in the fall at  La Salle University in Philadelphia.

‘’ I started playing in fourth grade, Once I made varsity as a freshman, I made the decision  to play at a collegiate level’’, Biliunas said.

In the recent game against Gloucester, the team knew it was going to be a competitive and hard fought game.

“Once the other team scored at the end of the first half , we  entered the second half determined and ready to tie it back up which we did.   We scored twice, but one of them was taken back.’’

The game  went into double overtime against Gloucester,  they scored on a corner. The final was 2-1, ‘’ biliunas said.

One word that Biliunas would use to describe her teammates is  hardworking ‘’We are all very supportive of each other on the field and a lot of us still hangout. Our goal for this season was just to make it as far as we could. We surprised ourselves by making it all the way to the   state championship game. Everyone on the team was very dedicated and motivated to keep going,’’ Bilinus said . Biliunas advice for new players wanting to join is don’t quit, Even when it’s hard, keep pushing and look out for your teammates, because they will become your family’’.  Biliunas is a example of a team player and someone who is hardworking. She has never given up ever when things were hard. Biliunas has shown that if you try your best one will accomplish great accomplishments.

Senior field hockey player: Natalie Biliunas