Indoor track

Rachael Loving, Staff Writer

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The 2018-19 indoor track season is fast approaching. There are many new members and returning athletes that are excited for another season.

“Besides the [cold] weather, I’m most excited for getting to see everyone compete. The best part is getting to see everyone improve and enjoy themselves,” Coach Spicer said.

Senior Amelia Anderson, a returning runner, is excited for the season.

“This is my third season with the team. I started last year with outdoor track as a sprinter. I then decided to do cross country this fall. Now that I’ve switched to distance, I’m really excited for another season with an amazing group of runners who push me every day to do my best and are overall amazing people to be around! I’m also looking forward to hopefully achieving my goals for the indoor season,” Anderson said.

Sophomore Hridya Mainra is a new runner for the team.

“I decided to join because I really wanted to be part of a school sport, and I felt that track is perfect for me because I love to run. I hope to get faster with my sprints and build my stamina overall. My goal is to be able to be placed in meets not just this season, but upcoming, too.” Mainra said.

The practices are every day after school from 4:10-6:30 p.m. The team works in their different sections (distance and sprints) for most practices.

The distance runners usually go on long runs. They train for running a longer distance and also running for a longer period of time. They have weights on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and they have a work out day on the track about once a week.

The sprinters start practices with strides. After they have warmed up, they do sprints and core work. They have to work on form, because it is very important for sprinting.