New Can Man decided

Jenna Sliman, Features Editor

The decision about who will replace senior Evan Black in the role of Can Man has finally been decided. For the 2019-2020 school year, junior Danny Keilty will reign as Can Man.

“I was totally surprised when [Evan Black] said I was Can Man. I felt honored and very thankful to get Can Man because I knew that the student section for the 2019-2020 school year would be in good hands,” Keilty said.

The Can Man’s responsibilities include spray-painting a large metal trash can with whatever colors are used in the theme that night, attending every home varsity football game, and keeping the student section entertained. He bangs the can every time our football team scores, and leads the student section in motivational chants.

A traditional chant employed is “the roller coaster.” The roller coaster, performed at pep rallies and formerly at the Marathon Dance, consists of “strapping in” and waving your hands around as if you are actually on a roller coaster. It is an integral part of our school’s culture.

Current Can Man Black will graduate on June 11. Keilty was personally selected by Black to fulfill the role of Can Man.

“I chose Danny because he is a really fun guy, loves going to games, and loves Deep Run. I’ve gotten really close with him through the lacrosse team and knew that he’d be a very good canman,” Black said.

Keilty already envisions a successful fall.

“[I’m planning] some fun themes and lots of Steve Tran chants,” Keilty said.

Black has nothing but good memories from his time as Can Man.

“It was really fun to be the Can Man. I loved being so involved with the school and being able to enjoy all the sporting events with my classmates,” Black said. “I think [Keilty] will do a great job. He is the perfect guy for it.”

Keilty hopes to exceed expectations this upcoming fall as he motivates our team and entertains the spectators at every varsity football home game.