Senior events; the last of the checklist for seniors before graduation

Cailey Cetani, Staff Writer

Senior events have started, signaling the end of the school year. Most seniors already have one foot out the door, but remain here to experience the various traditional senior events. These include school-sanctioned events such as the senior walk, where students go to their past elementary or middle schools, and unsanctioned senior events like Senior Assassin, a large scale water gun fight. There is still much to enjoy before graduation.

   “I’m so excited for senior awards because it’s a great opportunity for us to be together and celebrate our success as a class,” senior Elizabeth White said.

   Senior Awards Ceremony is on May 31. The awards ceremony recognizes seniors and their respective achievements during their high school careers. The recognition awards span across wildcat achievement awards, senior impact awards, school subject awards, and many more.

   “The most fun thing is how excited everyone gets,” senior Charlotte Broussard said.
Senior Assassin is a large scale water gun fight where participants each get another participant as a target. Every week is a new round with the goal to shoot your target with a water gun before the round ends. If the senior succeeds and wins, the money given at the beginning as an entry fee is the prize. In past years the prize has reached nearly $5,000.     

   A new senior event this year is the Senior Walk. Many seniors look back on their past education and wonder what their former schools are like now. The senior walk allows for seniors, who grew up in Henrico County, to go back to their elementary or middle schools and see how they have changed. Seniors, who did not grow up in Henrico County, can choose whichever school they would like to go to and see where their friends previously learned.

   “The Senior Walk is where seniors return to their elementary and middle schools and walk the halls. They will have their gowns on while students in these schools line the halls cheering for the seniors. The walk will show all students that hard work pays off. Our hope is that this will also inspires younger students to follow in their footsteps. The walk will give students the opportunity to let their teachers know what an amazing job they did helping them reach their goal of graduating,” Mr. Fennessey said.

   “I’m looking forward to graduation and just get things over with and to feel the sweet release from school,” senior Ishraq Quasem said.

   The senior walk is on May 29. The concluding senior event is graduation, which takes place at the Siegels Center on June 11. Many students are graduating with cords from all of the different societies they belonged to over their four years.

   There is a multitude of additional events happening from individual graduation parties to senior luncheons. May 31 is the last day the seniors will be attending school.