Carson Krahe: Archer preparing to go professional


Photo courtesy of: Shannon Krahe

Carson Krahe after winning 1st place at Lancaster Archery Academy in Pennsylvania

Lauren Brennan, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Managing Print Editor

Junior Carson Krahe is ever rising in the competitive archery world. Krahe started her archery journey her freshman year and now attends over 24 competitions every year, usually placing in the top five of her division. She is currently ranked 12th in the country for senior women, with most competitors being over 20 years old. When talking about her future plans, Krahe mentioned that she was hoping to make the USA archery team for the world championship. Krahe is also a student in the Center for Information Technology and is hoping to sign to a college for competitive archery as she continues to study computer science.
“I started archery because I had a previous experience at a Girl Scout camp where I got to shoot for fun, and it caused me to fall in love with it,” Krahe said.
Starting archery was a large investment, but Krahe said it was worth every penny. One day she hopes to be sponsored by Pepsi, as she has even based her gear off of Pepsi logos and colors. Each day, Krahe works to improve her scores to get one step closer to a possible sponsorship.
“I recently got my new high score for my indoor competition. I got 291 points out of the possible 300,” Krahe said. This means that almost all of the 30 arrows she shot were in the 10/10 section of the target. For the outdoor competitions, which take place in the summer, Krahe has a high score of 347/360.
In the last year, Krahe has started to work with an Olympic trainer in Arizona, who also works with the previous number one female archer in the world. Krahe said that she may be underestimated by her opponents at times but she never lets that get to her head and always gives each arrow all of her attention.