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NOAA’s logo uses a white gull-like form to help show a connection between the Earth, ocean, atmosphere, and the ecosystems

Save the Seas: Living up to their name

The Save the Seas club, created in 2019 by then-senior Arielle Becker, wants to keep our environment flourishing.

    “Our club’s goal is to spread awareness about the harmful and negative effects on the environment and how we can help within our own community,” senior Alexis Becker said.

   According to the National Ocean Service, helping the environment could mean conserving water, reducing pollutants, and reducing waste.

     The president of the school club is Alexis Becker, and the vice president is senior Isabella Armour.

   “We meet every 2 weeks during the first 15-20 minutes of lunch,” Becker said.

   According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), if we don’t work to help our oceans, medical products that fight diseases like arthritis and Alzheimer’s may be lost because they contain ingredients from the ocean that are being depleted or affected by waste and rising water temperatures.    

   This year the club has hosted Deep Run graduate Hannah Szatkowski as a guest speaker on October, 27. Szatkowski is majoring in environmental science and studying applied environmental sustainability at Marshall University.

   To join the club or learn more about upcoming events, students should reach out to Alexis Becker or science teacher and club sponsor Jennifer Krug to be added to their Schoology page. 

To check out an infographic, click here

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