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Rectenwald Family

Mia Watts


Teressa Jaramillo

John Jaramillo


Tricia Ford

Sheila Clark

Jenna Sliman

Shevonda Parker

Sam Ford

If you are interested in sponsoring The Sentinel, email: [email protected]


Advertising Rates & Information

The sentinel is the award-winning student newspaper of Deep Run High School and a product of the Journalism course at the school. Our student newspaper is published by and for the students at Deep Run High School. Our as sizes and rates are as illustrated with dimensions. The 1/8 and 1/4 page ads can be vertical or horizontal; the 1/2 page and must be designed horizontally. We can use your digital artwork (.tiff or .pdf formats only please), presuming it fits in the space and is clear, or we can design an ad for you. This is for ads that will be in our paper copy of the newspaper.









We will publish four print issues this year. If you pre-purchase and prepay for all four issues, we are pleased to offer you a discounted rate!

  • 1/8 Page Ad ($25 per issue) will be offered at $90 for all four issues (savings of $10)
  • 1/4 Page Ad ($50 per issue) will be offered at $175 for all four issues (savings of $25)
  • 1/2 Page Ad ($100 per issue) will be offered at $350 for all four issues (saving of $50)

Sponsorship Rates & Information

Our ability to fund the publishing of our print issues and website largely depends upon ad sales from local businesses and the generous sponsorships of community members like you! As a sponsor of our newspaper and website, you will have your name printed along with your sponsorship level on our website and in each print issue of our newspaper. Additionally, we are excited to offer a gift for our supporters at each tier of sponsorship. We welcome sponsors at each level of commitment!

Sponsorship Level Cost for annual sponsorship Gift (in addition to free copies of our print issues)
Bronze $25 Bumper sticker
Silver $50 Water bottle
Gold $100 T-shirt
Platinum $200 Grocery tote with sticker, water bottle, and t-shirt


Our 2021-2022 Projected Publication Dates are:

  • Early to Mid-November (just in time to advertise Black Friday sales and deals!)
  • Late January-Early February (New Year’s Resolution & Valentine’s day on everyone’s minds!)
  • Late March (when our readers are gearing up for spring weather, prom, and graduation!)
  • Late May (our most popular issue with our graduating Senior class!)

For anyone interested in purchasing an ad or sponsoring the paper and website, please contact [email protected] or [email protected]

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