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Intro to Psychology

Applicability and self-reflection

In psychology, students learn a variety of material, like neuroscience and the brain, personality, and mental health.

Labeled human brain diagram. (Photo courtesy of: Tim vandeVall)

   Clay Hudson didn’t initially choose to teach psychology, but he was excited when the course assignment was extended to him.

    “I was excited to have the opportunity to teach a class with inherently interesting and relatable content, a flexible pace, and a diverse set of students in the room,” Hudson said.

   He has noticed how applicable the course’s curriculum is in the modern world.

   “I enjoy our project on cognitive biases. I think learning how our brains are predisposed to faulty logic and weak reasoning can be immensely helpful, so I like having my students consider how we can avoid these biases and make better decisions,” Hudson said.

     In a virtual setting where he can’t do as many hands-on demonstrations, he realized that teaching has reinstated the virtue of patience instead.

   “‘Getting things done’ in both my classes has taken on a new meaning. So I’ve tried to stay patient as everyone – students and teachers alike – are going through adjustments,” Hudson said.

    Hudson’s intention with his class, whether virtual or in-person, is to highlight how the content they are learning applies to students’ lives right now.

   “This isn’t material that anyone has to wait to make sense of later. When we learn about how memory works, students can apply those concepts to their very next classes,” Hudson said.

    Hudson believes that anyone taking the class or thinking about taking the class should show up ready and ask questions.

   “This class is at its best when students are letting their curiosity roam freely and feel comfortable asking questions,” Hudson said.

   The class’s next unit is on Human Development, but soon after, you can find them engaging in their personality unit.

   “[It] always offers some interesting moments for introspection and self-reflection,” Hudson said.  

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