kayla with the people she taking photos with

Photo courtesy of: Kayla Vokac

Kayla Vokac, Taylor Lane, Anna Nuckols, and Ajanae page taking a picture during their shoot

Junior seeks calm, creativity through photography

By Kristen Willoughby

   Photography has quickly become junior Kayla Vokac’s favorite hobby. She especially enjoys taking photos of people but has also done some nature shots.  

   “Photography became my hobby because I never get bored doing it. It’s so fun and there are so many things you can do,” Vokac said.

   Vokac has her own photography website and Instagram account named @k.v.m.Photograph.

   “Photography is fun and is a very calming way to express my creativity,” Vokac said. 

kayla's little sister
Kayla Vokac’s little sister Ava poses with rose petals around her (Photo courtesy of Kayla Vokac )

   Vokac books her own professional photoshoots now, but she also continues to take pictures of her friends and family members like she has done in the past. She is a perfectionist when it comes to photography, and strives to use professional equipment. She uses a Nikon d750 camera and Adobe Lightroom to edit her photos.  

   “To be able to have the perfect photoshoot you need a camera, good lighting, editing software, and a model or two,” Vokac said.

   Vokac works very hard on her photography pieces; she usually spends a lot of time editing them to meet a professional standard.  

“On a day where I actually have a shoot, I spend about two-three days on it,” Vokac said. 

nature shot of a butterfly
A nature shot of a butterfly (Photo courtesy of: Kayla Vokac )

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