Blankenship works safely toward his goals at the gym.

Senior escapes stress through weightlifting

   Senior Henry Blankenship started lifting weights when he was a freshman on the football team, but grew a strong passion for it during the last five months.  

   “I love lifting weights because it is an escape from all of the mental stress life has to offer,” Blankenship said. “I also love to see the progress I make every time I go to the gym.”

   Blankenship’s recent interest was reignited when friends asked him to train with them in their garage at the start of the school year.

   “They taught me the basics to lifting weights so I could be the best I could be while working out,” Blankenship said.

   When working out, Blankenship practices safety first to ensure he can continue doing it for years to come. He is careful to use a lifting belt to make sure he doesn’t injure his back and knee wraps so that his knees are protected when he does squats.

   Blankenship works out twice a day, six times a week, and through his dedication, the student has become the teacher. Now that he is more experienced, he also teaches others how to lift weights safely while he works out.

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