Photo courtesy of: Image taken by Ken Hovance, provided by Daniel Pereira

Pereira riding his motorbike.

Junior seeks adrenaline rush in motocross

   Junior Daniel Pereira is a motocross enthusiast. Pereira had been interested in motocross since he was five years old, but he discovered his passion for it about four years ago when he began to participate in the sport himself.

   “A friend of mine was also into motocross, so we bought dirt bikes and started going to the motocross park,” Pereira said. 

   Pereira dedicates a lot of time to his hobby. He rides his motorbike five days a week. During the winter, however, he only rides it on weekends. 

   What Pereira likes the most about the sport is the pump of adrenaline he receives whenever he rides on his bike.

   “It feels amazing,” Pereira said.

   In order to safely ride a motorbike, workouts are required to increase strength. Without them, it wouldn’t be possible to hold onto the motorbike. Specially designed safety gear is also required to ride safely.

   Outside of motocross, Pereira enjoys soccer and kickboxing, which help him keep in good shape, and video games.

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