Tennis team proves to be top competitors for the 2022 season


Photo courtesy of: Aiden Jun

Boys tennis team poses on the court.

Shelby Ford, Lead Features Editor

With a new and promising year, the tennis teams have taken full advantage of their time and bright players. The girls have a strong record of 16-4 and the boys are undefeated at 18-0.

   With having many great players comes more competition among the team. But, even with more competitors, junior Jeremy Kang appreciates the fun his coach offers. 

   “My favorite memory has been when we played our coach’s improv comedy games he does for his comedy classes,” Kang said. “We did it with the team and it was a great way to work on our teamwork.”

   On the girls team, junior Varna Sunkara enjoys the competitive, yet friendly atmosphere.

   “I have a lot of nice memories from this season. One of them was from practice for one week where we had to get into our assigned mini groups and play games like ‘ping pong’ or a relay race. Our group won both of them,” Sunkara said. “Tennis is usually an individual sport, so anytime you can have a team, and win together, it’s always fun.”

   The team has built on that camaraderie with a fun and unique way to start off their matches with success.

   “Our whole team likes to do a Wildcat cheer right before the game starts. We like to say it’s used to ‘intimidate’ the other team, but also to motivate ourselves and our teammates,” Sunkara said.

   With the season coming to a close, both teams have dominated as regional leaders, and are hopefuls for winning a state championship.