First and final indoor pep rally gets mixed reviews

Senior Ryan Owens performs at the spring pep rally.

Photo courtesy of: Grace Pleasants

Senior Ryan Owens performs at the spring pep rally.

Grace Pleasants , Staff Writer

When it comes to pep rallies at Deep Run, students have mixed feelings. Everyone expected it to be a nice getaway from work, but many students complained that it was boring or too loud. 

   “It was kind of cool, but it was loud and that made it a lot less enjoyable to watch,” freshman Aaliyah Gonzales said. “Although it was loud, I thought the games were probably the best part.” 

   The Robotics Club kicked off the pep rally with their robot. The robot threw balls into the crowd to get the audience more hyped for the upcoming events. Students in the bleachers would catch the balls and throw them back to the floor. 

   Like all pep rallies, the student section was really loud and excited. And though that’s the whole point of a “pep” rally, to some students it was a little annoying and unbearable.

   “I didn’t really like the pep rally. It was boring and didn’t really intrigue me like the pep rally at the beginning of the school year,” freshman Mia Castelluccio said. 

   After the Robotics Club showed off their robot, a bachelorette game was played. It consisted of four boys from all the different grade levels and one girl hidden behind a  large whiteboard. The game hosts would ask questions like “What’s your best pick up line?” and “Best place to take a girl on a date?” The girl would pick the boy with the worst answer for the round to be kicked out of the game. The student section was going crazy over this because they wanted to see their grade level win. By the end of the game, the juniors had won.

   “My favorite part of the whole pep rally was the bachelorette game. It was very funny and interesting,” freshman Melanie Ochoa said.

   After the bachelorette game, there was a students vs. staff baseball pitching and hitting competition. At the very end of the pep rally, senior Ryan Owens performed an original rap song as the Wildcat mascots acted as his back-up dancers. The lights were turned off and everyone was encouraged to turn on their flashlights to add to the concert atmosphere. 

   Students look forward to more frequent and interesting pep rallies next school year.