Wildcat Spotlight: Michelle Grover

Math teacher Michelle Grover recently entered the halls of Deep Run and has begun to make her mark on the school. 

   Grover, who graduated from Liberty University with a master’s degree, said her major was originally in special education, but she went back for math certification later on.   Even though she has long aspired to be a teacher, Grover put it off for a while to raise her kids. Realizing that she still had a passion for educating others after her children had grown up, she headed back to school to better understand how to assist students in their learning. 

   “My kids were struggling in school, and I wanted to be able to help them, but then I fell in love with math and realized I could teach that too,” Grover said.

   Grover wanted to teach high schoolers in particular because, at one point, people had discouraged her and told her that she didn’t want to deal with teenagers. She instead proved them wrong and decided to instruct the age group “without a moment’s hesitation.” She felt it was particularly important to be a high school teacher because she herself lacked confidence in most things at that age. She wants to instill confidence in her teenage students.

   “Breath, you can do it,” Grover said. 

Grover previously taught at Highland Springs High School for four years before coming here.

    “I’ve been following Deep Run ever since I saw Henrico. And I also moved to Powhatan last summer, so Deep Run is closer, but Dr. Fellows is the reason I came to Deep Run,” Grover said. 

   In her free time, Grover enjoys listening to music and watching movies. She also enjoys outdoor activities like going to the beach or going on walks. Although she has not been out of the country yet, Grover expresses her keen desire to travel to exotic locations like Malaysia, Ecuador, and Vietnam in the future.

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