Wildcat Spotlight: Madeline Clore

Wildcat Spotlight: Madeline Clore

By: Abhinav Pai

Madeline Clore, a math teacher new to Deep Run this year, has positive opinions about the Wildcat experience so far and a positive attitude toward her students. 

   Previously, Clore worked at a private school with less than a quarter of our student population. When she entered this school, she first noticed the sheer number of students compared to her last school, but also how well she was greeted by all.

   Despite the overwhelming size, she feels welcome by the community, especially the math department. The students also made her feel welcome, as they all shocked her with their focused attention.

   “I didn’t anticipate how well-behaved and focused everyone would be. I thought that with more students, there’d be more distractions, but for the most part, that hasn’t been the case,” Clore said.

   Clore also has a unique passion for the subject of mathematics. She knows some students dislike the subject, and she has essentially made it her mission to change their opinion on it.

   “I like being a math teacher, really because a lot of students don’t like math, and I hope that with my teaching and positive attitude towards math, I could potentially change their mind,” Clore said.

   Because she previously taught at a private school in which only about 200 students attended, she was able to build relationships with a variety of students. With the larger number of students here, Clore has struggled with not being able to build as many strong relationships as she could before.

   “I knew all of the high schoolers. I even knew a lot of middle schoolers. It was just very different. You get to know not just some of the students really well, but you get to know everybody really well,” Clore said. 

   However, she has not let this challenge stop her from striving to help her students succeed.

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