Andrea Palmer set to strut her Gutz

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In January, senior Andrea Palmer will be presenting her showcase, “Gutz.” She has prepared for this showcase since her junior year. The name and theme of Palmer’s art show was derived from how she navigates anxiety and other emotions, as well as her interest in anatomical organs. She remarked that each piece was created from different emotions she experienced on various days.
“These elements represent vulnerability, yet there is strength in opening up about these emotions,” Palmer said.
In her works, she enjoys painting partially realistic depictions of people, cartoon characters, and medical diagrams.
She has been interested in art for several years, recalling filled-up sketchbooks from as early as first grade. Her
inspirations for her pieces have varied throughout different stages in her life.
In middle school, she enjoyed making up characters and developing new ideas for drawings from comics and cartoons. Although she is still inspired by animated shows now, she also looks to renaissance art and the styles of Frida Kahlo and Mark Ryden.
Upon entering high school, Palmer wanted to explore new mediums in her art class freshman year. She practiced with sharpies and watercolor on large pieces of paper, experimenting with the way the two mediums interacted with each other.
Palmer said that it took a lot of hard work to get to where she is now. After her showcase premieres, she plans on working more with sculpting, feeling that her style would look interesting in 3D.
In order to continue her pursuit in an art career, Palmer has applied to six different schools in hopes of continuing her studies on a more professional level. She hopes to go into an illustration major and eventually do freelance work, where she can run her own business and be her own boss.

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Andrea Palmer set to strut her Gutz