Ms. Carbaugh

Azzah Abdoalrhman, Co-Editor in Chief

A new school year means the opportunity to get to meet many new people. Among them is new teacher Ms. Courtney Carbaugh.
Ms. Carbaugh received her bachelor’s degree in English and women’s studies from the College of William and Mary. She later went on to receive her Master of Education in secondary curriculum and instruction from the University of Mary Washington.
Before coming to our school, Ms. Carbaugh taught for four years at North Stafford High School, which is located in Stafford, Virginia. Now, she teaches English 10 and honors English 12 for part of the day. Then she travels to Douglas Freeman High School for the afternoon.
Working with kids is one of Ms. Carbaugh’s many passions.
“I love being able to discuss literature and ideas with my kids – I often find that in doing so, I get to learn just as much as I teach. The other thing I love the most about teaching is connecting with my kids on a human level, getting to know them well as people outside of their identity as students and hopefully being able to serve as a listening ear and guiding hand,” Ms. Carbaugh said.
When taking a new job, it’s important to feel comfortable in one’s work environment. To Mrs. Carbaugh, this came easy. The wildcat family took her in and made her feel as welcomed as possible.
“From the minute I took the job, I have felt so warmly welcomed by the staff and community at Deep Run. Teaching can be very insular, but everyone has taken time to reach out and make me feel part of the family, even though I’m not even there full-time,” Ms. Carbaugh said.
When she’s not teaching, Ms. Carbaugh can be found traveling, exploring the culinary world, attending concerts, or even watching stand-up comedy, as these are the activities she enjoys the most.
Ms. Carbaugh is excited for the new school year because she gets to try and teach new things in a creative way.