Freshman opinions on one lunch

Jenna Cohen, Staff Writer

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One lunch has been a staple a school for four years now. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors know it, but what about freshman? How do they feel about possibly one of the most important things to students?
When asked their favorite part of one lunch, the freshmen generally had the same answers.
“I like one lunch because it’s an opportunity to get to do homework,” said freshman Tammy Kim.
“I like one lunch because you can see friends,” said freshman Angela Herbert. The general consensus among freshman was that they liked to use their free time for activities they couldn’t do in class.
They also had a similar least favorite thing about one lunch. Both Kim and Herbert responded that their least favorite thing was that it’s too crowded. Both agreed that it can be overwhelming as freshman to be around so many older people, especially when they didn’t know anyone.
One thing that they had mixed opinions on was if they found one lunch scary. Kim answered “yes” to the question, but Herbert answered “no”. Opinions generally differed throughout all the freshman, and there was no solid answer.
When we asked what was different about one lunch from their middle school lunches, there were “separate lunches instead of one big lunch,” Kim said.
“One lunch is much longer,” Herbert said.
The freshmen were also asked if they would change something about one lunch if they could.
“I would have it start later,” Herbert said.
“Nothing,” Kim said.
The freshmen interviewed had differing opinions about different aspects of one lunch. However, one thing they agreed on is that it was definitely different from lunch in middle school, and that there were both benefits and drawbacks of one lunch.