Golf wins state championship

Joshua Epstein, Staff Writer

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In the this years Fall Tournament, the golf team put together an impressive performance. They had a 297 point first round, and followed that up with an even better 289 points in round two, putting them in first place in the tournament. Charlie Hanson, who was arguably the best player in the tournament, had a total score of 140, tied for the best in the tournament. Another standout was Ian Walters, who had a score of 154, which was good for fourth on the team.
The golf team has had a lot of recent success, winning the fall tournament last year. However, Coach Aldrich believes that the team is facing a lot of pressure, and they know it.
“The players are feeling pressure to continue the excellence they have shown in recent years. It’s in the back of their minds,” Aldrich said.
To be a great team, Coach Aldrich has to give the players great advice.
“My biggest advice to my players is that they need to prepare to be a champion. Because it’s going to happen eventually,” Aldrich said.
Knowing how good this team is, Coach Aldrich is confident that the team has what it takes to take home another state championship.
“Without a doubt, but they’re gonna have to work for it. It won’t be given to them. They have to earn it,” Aldrich said.
The golf team recently won the William Mullins Team of the Year award. The award is given to the best sports team in the region from the previous year, so this is an incredible accomplishment for the team.
Coach Aldrich used to be the coach for the football team. Although he liked the sport, he said that he wanted a change.
Coach Aldrich also said that he has had a great time getting to know the players and their parents as well.
“The players and their families have been great. Getting to know them has been a great experience. That’s probably my favorite part of coaching the team.”
The win will wrap up the golf team’s 2018-2019 season. If you didn’t get a chance to see them this year, then you should make sure to come back next year, where the golf team will look to win yet another state championship.