Ms. Jantrania

Jessica Wen, Co-Editor in Chief

This fall, we welcome a new AP Statistics and Geometry teacher. Ms. Nirali Jantrania, a first-year teacher, is looking forward to having a successful year at her new school.
Fresh out of college, Ms. Jantrania attended the University of Virginia and studied math and computer science.
Ms. Jantrania became a teacher because she really loves working with students, and, of course, she really loves math, so becoming a statistics and geometry teacher seemed like an obvious career choice for the new educator. Like any novel teacher, Ms. Jantrania is determined to make her first year teaching a great one. Additionally, her goal is to help her students become more curious about math and how it can be applied to the real world.
Whether it is the students, the material, or the environment, every teacher has a favorite thing about their job.
“My favorite part about teaching is getting to know my students and watching them grow as mathematicians,” Ms. Jantrania said.
Only a couple of weeks into the school year, her favorite thing about our school is the group of people who surrounds her.
“So far, my favorite thing about Deep Run is how kind and welcoming all the students and teachers are,” Ms. Jantrania said.
As a teacher, Ms. Jantrania tries to be positive and encouraging. She wants everyone to feel like they can do math.
To all the new high school students who are experiencing the same first-year adjustments, Ms. Jantrania offers some advice.
“Don’t be too stressed about school – try your hardest, but remember that things like your well-being and your integrity are more important than always getting good grades!” Ms. Jantrania advised.
When she is not grading papers or preparing assignments, though very rare, Ms. Jantrania enjoys bird-watching, doing crossword puzzles, and playing badminton.
As the year continues on, Ms. Jantrania is looking forward to making great memories in her first year of teaching.