Marching Band competitions

Kara Bade, Staff Writer

Even though band and marching band seem like the same activity, they are completely different. The main difference between the two is that students in marching band, need to play an instrument well, perform, play at sporting events, and attend competitions throughout the year.
Band, is an elective. They practice during a class period. Marching band is a different part of the band, they have practices at other times, like after school. Many of their practices take place after school each day except for Monday. They practice almost everyday in order to excel in the difficult competitions against other talented schools. When it it comes to competitions, all the Virginia schools that choose to participate go to a central location for the event.
The marching band has many competitions throughout the year, and whoever wants to can attend them. There is a small fee to see the marching band compete.
There will be many chances to come see the marching band compete, so many different people will be able to come. It is important to support the marching band during their difficult competitions.