Mrs. Hall

Treasa Lung, Staff Writer

Passionate flawlessly sums up Mrs. Logan Hall, a first year history teacher at the school whose classes are World History I and II.
Growing up in Richmond, Mrs. Hall was homeschooled. She went to Virginia Tech for her undergraduate degree, where she realized that she wanted to become a teacher. She was inspired by her older brother, who was also a teacher at the time. After Tech, Mrs. Hall went to Liberty University for her masters. Her teaching philosophy is that every student has the ability to learn and succeed.
“Getting to know my students is the best part of teaching. Advice I would give to my students would be to have an open mind about history even if you are not interested in the subject,” Hall said.
Her goal in teaching is to have her students learn and feel more confident in the subject.
Mrs. Hall enjoys reading for fun and spending time with her two dogs. Her favorite baseball team is the Atlanta Braves.