Mrs. Marshak

Anselm Yededii, Ad Manager

Mrs. Marshak begins her eighth year of teaching as one of the new math teachers. It was her sophomore year of high school when she realized she possessed talent for math. Her two math teachers had a passion for the subject that Marshak saw as inspiring.
Mrs. Marshak is a New Yorker from Queens at heart; however, she has been living on the Eastern Shore of Virginia for the last eight years. She was able to obtain both a bachelor’s and a master’s in mathematics education after her time at SUNY (State University of New York) and St John’s University at Queens. She moved here recently with her husband and her four-year-old son.
“There is so much to do here, especially having a little boy. I can find something to do any day of the week or the weekend. There’s something to do inside or outside depending on the weather,” Marshak said.
Mrs. Marshak believes Henrico County has an amazing reputation and that Deep Run is the best of the best. To her, this school’s community is a family. Everyone supports one another so that everyone succeeds. The staff has been nothing but helpful and welcoming towards her. On her first day, she received 50 welcoming and helpful emails from the staff. So far, the students she teaches are eager to learn.
“The students are really taking control of their education, and they want to pursue it further. It’s a nice change from teaching in an area where education isn’t central to the community to a school where education is so important to the kids,” Marshak said.
The students emjoy having Mrs. Marshak as their teacher.
“Overall I think it’s a great learning environment. She keeps students engaged and interested in the material. I just feel like I’m learning well in this environment,” senior Jack Wrenn said.
Mrs. Marshak also has ambitions for the new school year.
“I want to see my students succeed. I want to see my AP students get college credit. I want everyone to pass the SOL. I want to see my SOL students do the best that they can do,” Marshak said.
Mrs. Marshak looks forward to new connections at this new school.