Ms. Prince

Azzah Abdoalrhman, Co-Editor in Chief

This year, our school welcomes many new students and staff. One of them includes Ms. Amanda Prince.
Ms. Prince started her teaching journey with a degree from State University of New York at Oswego (SUNY Oswego). She focused her studies on adolescent education with a concentration in Spanish.
Since then, she’s been teaching for five years, four at Hermitage High School.
“My favorite part about teaching is seeing kids get it and seeing their hard work pay off! Lightbulb moments are my favorite,” Ms. Prince said.
Señorita Prince is only here for one period of the day, but is excited to make the most of it. She teaches Spanish II and is very happy with how warm and welcoming the staff was to her upon her arrival.
“I’m so excited to get to know my awesome students and make new teacher friends this year,” Ms. Prince said.
Aside from teaching, Ms. Prince enjoys listening to musical records, crafting, and painting. In fact, she is a huge fan of big time rapper Kendrick Lamar and saw him perform before he got his break in the music industry.
Traveling is also a hobby that brings Ms. Prince much joy. She notes that if she wasn’t teaching right now, she’d probably be traveling the country in an RV.
Ms. Prince seems like the perfect mix of creativity and personality, which means she will fit just right in our big wildcat family.