Ms. Venning

Jessica Wen, Co-Editor in Chief

The success of our school is based on the support of our faculty, so every new addition is a like a brand new gear in a complex system. This year, we welcome several new teachers and staff members, one of whom is our new attendance secretary, Ms. Crystal Venning.
As the new attendance secretary, Ms. Venning’s responsibilities include making sure all students are accounted for on a daily basis in every class.
This year, Ms. Venning is most excited to work in a high school.
“I loved high school, and I am excited to be back in the high school setting,” Ms. Venning said.
In general, however, Ms. Venning is most looking forward to meeting new people.
The job of attendance secretary is tedious, especially with the many students we have at our school. She has to account for every single student, as well as log excused and unexcused absences. Ms. Venning anticipates her biggest challenge this year to be field trips, as she has to keep up with everyone on the trip and notify teachers of their absence.
While this is her first year as our attendance secretary, it is not her first year in the Henrico County school system. She attended Short Pump Middle School the first year it opened. Additionally, it seems fitting that her new job is to record the attendance of the many students at our school, as she, herself, had perfect attendance in when she graduated from J. R. Tucker High School.
Ms. Venning attended Radford University and earned a Bachelor of Science in theatre.
Before arriving at our school, Ms. Venning worked at Disney World and was a 911 dispatcher for eight years. However, after having two kids, she wanted a position that allowed her to have more time with her family.
Outside of school hours, Ms. Venning loves to hang out with friends and family. She also enjoys watching T.V. and movies, playing games, playing sports, getting pedicures, going to church, and trying new things. This year, as she tries out a new job, Ms. Venning is looking forward to a great year with many memories.