Ms. Delgado

Jacob Hanner, Web Editor

One of our many faces this year is Spanish teacher Ms. Delgado. Previously, she taught Spanish at Tucker for five years. She really enjoyed teaching at Tucker, but she ultimately chose Deep Run because it didn’t conflict with her schedule.
Ms. Delgado attended the University of Mary Washington and earned her degree in Spanish and International Relations. From there she decided to become a Spanish teacher.
“I wanted to become a teacher because I love talking to and getting to know people. I chose to teach the subject I did because Spanish is fun,” Delgado said.
It was hard for her to choose her favorite part, as she likes every aspect of the school. However, if she had to choose one thing, it would be the positive attitude that she has seen from her students towards learning.
“My favorite part about Deep Run thus far is how many students I have that seem to really want to learn Spanish,” Delgado said.
Ms. Delgado will spend this year teaching Spanish ll. At a school with a large student body, she will have a great opportunity to talk and get to know copious people. This bodes well for her as it is why she chose this career.