Deep Run choir trip

Cailey Cetani, Staff Writer

From North Carolina to Georgia, the our school’s chorus sang their way into each other’s heart. For three days, they were able to have the opportunity to sing with UNC Charlotte’s own group of amazing singers and visit Suntrust Park in Atlanta.
Seniors, Grace Litsinger, Mia Marshall, and Justina Morris, had many exciting experiences on the trip.
“We went to UNC Charlotte and got to take a master class. We then went to Atlanta, Georgia, where we went to the aquarium, the World of Coke, Suntrust Park, and the Atlanta Opera. We also got to go on a ferris wheel and play mini golf!” Litsinger said.
Enthused from re-telling all the experiences she had, she made a point about what the trip meant to her and her peers.
“I got closer to people that I haven’t talked to much before the trip. I think that’s important because when you become closer to people you sing with, you have better chemistry while you are singing,” Litsinger said.
All in all, the chorus bonded and became better as a whole.  The master class, which included musical guidance on vocal techniques from UNC Charlotte singers, offered a fantastic opportunity for the choir members to learn from those with more experience. By learning new singing techniques, they have broadened their skills. They were able to learn about good breathing support and having effective diction for singing.
When they went to Georgia they were able to see “West Side Story,” performed by the Atlanta Opera.
“I liked it a lot. It was basically ‘Romeo and Juliet’ but modern. It was interesting and the music was really great. I personally liked ‘America’ the song,” Marshall said
“I liked the visuals of it the dance and how it made the audience feel like they were apart of it when watching,” Morris said.
The chorus is always looking for new members.
“If people are scared of singing in front of people, they are not going be singing a solo so they should still join [chorus] anyway. People don’t always have to be the strongest singer because they will learn how to sing and it’s really fun. They will make new friends and everyone in chorus is really nice,” Litsinger said.                                   
When the choir started their trip, they were not whole. As they learned new singing techniques and got to know each other, they became one.