A look at one of Computer club’s sub sets

Nyla Bell, Photo Editor

Cyber-patriot is an international competition for middle and high school students who are interested in learning about cyber-security, network security, and networking. Scholarships are available for students who participate in the club. Students learn things that would help them in their potential career while competing.

“It helps to teach students about it (cybersecurity), so they can better serve their country and hopefully go into this career and help defend their country from those who would attack us,” Mrs. Lynne Norris, CIT department chair, said.

The club is one of the student led sub sets in Mrs. Norris’s computer club. Senior Amanvir Singh is the student coordinator. Cyber patriot welcomes anybody who is interested.

“It’s important because we don’t have enough students who know about cybersecurity. It’s important to give our students exposure to things they might not have access to at other places,” Mrs. Norris said.

Competitions take place at the school in the Center. Mrs. Norris separates the teams that are competing against each other by either dividing up the room or moving students to a conference room, while Non-JROTC students would be participating in the open division.

The JROTC participates in the competitions by fielding one or two teams and competing in the All Services competition with other JROTC members across the world, while Non-JROTC students would be participating in the open division competition.

Cyber-patriot began preparing for competitions in September to get ready for the coming competition rounds in the coming months. National competitions are either in late February or  March, or early February and late March.