Sperandeo, softball work to win region

Ryan McFarlane and Jacob Butcher, Sports Editor and Staff Writer

The softball team is off to a hot start this year.  Bursting out of the gate with a quick 8-3 start and 4-0 in the region.  The girls have had many big wins and are looking to quickly make it to the playoffs.  The team has a great run differential, scoring 95 runs, while only allowing 52 runs.

The team beat Freeman 15-8 in a surprising win.  They also dominated Tucker 11-1 at home.  The closet game of the year so far came at Godwin in a rivalry game, but the team pulled out a last inning win with a final score of 4-3.

“It was a tough game, and it really boosted our confidence and helped us get off to a good start to begin the season,” senior Hanna Cinella said.

Halfway through the season the team looks poised to make a deep run in the playoffs.  Captains Angela Sperandeo and Olivia Sigler, lead the team.

“We really hope we can continue to win and be the team we have been so far this season.  We all really want to be in the playoffs and be playing meaningful softball late in the season.  As long as we keep playing and working the way we have, we will be able to achieve everything we hope to,” senior Angela Sperandeo said.

Sperandeo who is pursuing softball at Lynchburg College next year, is leading the team with the glove and with the bat.  She has faced nearly 180 batters, but she has only given up 45 hits in 32 innings pitched this season, along with 27 strikeouts.  In addition, she is batting .500 with ten runs batted in and two homer runs.