Seniors commemorate their last production

Treasa Lung, Staff Writer

The Deep Run Theater consists of truly hard working actors, actresses, and backstage crew that made the productions for each year special. For many, the Drama Club is a close-knit family that supports each other in and outside the club.

The class of 2019 theater students went through many obstacles and improved greatly since entering from middle school in the fall of 2014. These seniors now have leading roles and major responsibilities for the play’s production.

Senior Abigail Huneycutt, who plays the emotionless and bitter main character, Wednesday Addams, is starring in her second production.

“I will miss the cast the most. I have really been able to get to know everyone in the show and really enjoy my time hanging out with them. They have really made the experience extra special,” Huneycutt said.

Seniors serve as mentors to the younger theater students.

“I think we are a role model for a lot of the underclassmen because they are just coming out of middle school and are still finding their way. I think our level of knowledge, growth, and how we conduct ourselves [the seniors] really helps,” Honeycutt said.

Theater students put in substantial amount of time and commitment to make the productions possible every year.

“It’s definitely really hard to fulfill theater, school work, and on top of that, personal life, but I have been able to manage everything. The end it is worth it to put smiles on people’s faces,” senior Ishraq Quasem said. He plays the soldier, one of the ancestors coming back from the dead.

Approximately twenty seniors participated in this year’s musical, who will be saying goodbye to the community that they love.

“I will miss the community that theater creates. My favorite memory is the man over [a cast party] for footloose where everyone was just having fun. It is hard to balance everything, especially school work,” senior Charlotte Broussard said. She is a member of the crew and organizer of the props for the play.

Students say that being a committed member in theater is an unquestionably difficult task. However with careful planning, they were able to enjoy the friendship and endowment that come along with being part of theater.