Students take pART in and Art Showcase

Jenna Cohen, Staff Writer

Each year at school, the seniors in the art program get their own art show in each month of the year. In March, the art show was by Sara Dabney.

The art show is entitled Fever.

“The show is about expressing the fluidity of the human body, and creating a means of empowerment,” Dabney said.

Dabney’s creative process is focused on her own ideas rather than external inspiration.

“I got all my ideas from my own head. There wasn’t anything specific that inspired me. I always have ideas floating around in my head and I took them and used them for the show,” Dabney said.

You could almost feel the warmth radiating in the art hallway during the show.

“I love warm colors, so I wanted to create a fiery environment, which is also why I chose the name Fever,” Dabney said.

The preparation process for this show was extensive.

“It took about a month to set it up and four years to create all the work. The show was a collection of all the work I’ve created in my high school career, and since they were cohesive I decided to have a show that displayed all of them. I had to paint the walls, get fabrics, hang the pictures, and create a mural with my show name,” Dabney said.

Lastly, Dabney and Mr. Michael Guyer estimate that about 100 people showed up to the show.

Having your own art show is a special privilege for any senior who has spent their whole high school career in art class. These shows are the pinnacle of their high school art career.