Girls lacrosse continues to shine in the regular season

Josh Epstein, Staff Writer

The girls lacrosse team is having an impressive season. The team has won three games, and they have only lost two. They have had several players exceed expectations, and for this reason, Coach Morgan Braun is confident that the team will make a playoff run.

“My expectations are for this team to continue to strive for our goals,” Braun said. “We wanted to play as a team, support each other and grow in our skills. I want the team to continue putting 100% effort into each of these goals every practice,” Coach Morgan Braun said.

When Coach Braun was in high school, she played lacrosse. She uses this experience to be a better coach.

“I did play in high school, and I think having a basic knowledge of the sport and having played it makes you a better coach,” Braun said.

Braun said that there are a lot of things that she loves about being the coach for the girls lacrosse team. However, there was one thing that stands out as her favorite.

“My favorite part has been the girls I get to coach,” Coach Braun said. “They are all very sweet, funny, and supportive of each other. They are also all very hard workers, and they want to improve. That makes coaching them a lot easier,” Braun said.

For the team to play well, Coach Braun has to give the players good advice so they can succeed.

“To set goals and to reach them. We will only be successful if all of us are setting high goals for ourselves and our team, and doing everything we can to reach those goals,” Braun said.

Team Captain Hannah Braswell has been playing lacrosse for the school since she was a freshman. She says that having a team-friendly mindset is a big part of her success on the field.

“My mindset is just to focus on helping the team. Also to pump everyone up before the big game,” Braswell said

Braswell has been playing lacrosse for a long time. She says that it has been a big part in her life.

“I’ve been playing lacrosse for eight years, so since I was in third grade,” Braswell said.

Braswell said that there are a lot of things that she loves about being on the girls lacrosse team, but there is one thing that stands out as her favorite.t

“Building relationships and bonding with all of the players and people involved,” Braswell said.

As the team is preparing for their midseason push, they will hope to peak at the right time, so they can get on a roll once the playoffs are here.