Boys soccer aims to finish season strong

Joshua Epstein, Staff Writer

The boys soccer team is having a successful season. They have 15 wins and only have one loss and one tie. The team is the 40th ranked team in the country and fourth in the state. The team has really been clicking as of late, but that is just one of the things that has impressed Coach Frank Ford.

  “The skill level of our team is the most impressive thing about this year’s squad,” Ford said.

  For the team to play well, Coach Ford has to give the players good advice so they can continue to succeed.

  “[My advice is] to do your job and to not rely on teammates to do yours,” Coach Ford said.

  When Coach Ford was in high school, he did not play soccer. However, he did play other sports. He uses this experience to be a better coach.

  “High school soccer did not exist until my senior year, so I wasn’t able to play soccer,” Ford said. “I did other sports, such as basketball, tennis, cross country and track.”

  Even though he didn’t play soccer in high school, Coach Ford said that what inspired him to be the coach for the soccer team is that he wants to help the players achieve their aspirations.

  “I ran track in college, and then I ran for a shoe company’s national team. After I finished that, I wanted a challenge,” Ford said.

  Ford said that there are a lot of things that he loves about being the coach for the boys soccer team. However, there was one part that stood out as his favorite.

  “[My favorite part is] the challenge of getting them to play as a unit and to make high level decisions under pressure,” Ford said. “I absolutely love the process.”

  As the season comes to an end, the soccer team hopes to continue their success and end the year strong.