Salutatorian: Pranesh Anand

Azzah Abdoalrhman, Co-Editor in Chief

As graduation rolls around the corner, seniors should take the time they have left to reflect on their high school experience. For many students, high school has been filled with various triumphs and accomplishments. Senior Pranesh Anand has achieved one great feat: becoming salutatorian of the 2019 class.

Sophomore year, Anand joined the debate team in hopes of challenging himself and building up his communication skills. Now, in his senior year, Anand is co-captain of the team with senior Roark Enters. Last year, the debate team went to states and placed second with the leadership of Anand and Enters.

Leaving high school will be tough for Anand as he has made good friends and even better memories. One of his favorite classes that he has taken during his high school career is AP Calculus A.B taught by Mr. Texler.

“I love Mr. Texler’s class because he’s an amazing teacher. He’s very funny and relatable, not to mention that he makes learning math fun. I also really like calculus, because it’s the first time that I’ve seen a subject in school have real life applications,” Anand said.

Anand plans to further his education at the University of Virginia. In the fall, he will have a major in computer science and economics. His only hope is to meet new people and to help others in need throughout life.

“I’m excited for college because I get the chance to expand my perspective on life, as well as my thoughts as a whole. In addition, I chose UVA because they have a fantastic business program that intrigued me from the start [of my college application process],” Anand said.

To Anand, high school is a time to grow, take risks, and find yourself as a person. Anand understands that high school can be scary at first to some new freshmen. However, he reflects that if one doesn’t lose sight on their true goals, everything will turn out alright.

“If I could tell incoming freshmen one thing, I would tell them to be passionate and to follow their dreams. It can be difficult at first, but it’s really important that they [freshmen] challenge themselves and never give up, because in the end, all the hard work will be worth it,” Anand said.

Anand has worked hard to be where he is and is very honored to be giving a speech at the Siegel Center on June 11. He leaves high school with a lifetime of memories and experiences that he will carry with him as he opens up the next chapter of his life.