Girls tennis searching for the taste of victory at states

Colby Stadler, Staff Writer

With the state championship only three matches away, the girls tennis team can feel their impending victory. After winning their regional title on May 15, they are only blink away from earning their third state championship. Within the past four years, the girls have only lost one match. The teams total record for the past four years is an astonishing score of 80-1. The girls individual competitiveness will show in the upcoming state single and doubles matches, as they fight to defend their title from last year.

Sophomore Olivia Wright and senior Audrey Butterworth are representing the team in the upcoming state single matches.

“I really enjoy spending time with everyone on the team, and love how close we have all become. Our coaches have had the most positive impact on our team and we couldn’t do it without them,” Butterworth said.

Butterworth has been on the team for four years, and is also competing in the first seed of the state double match.

“I am going to miss the practices, matches, and team dinners a lot. Most of the girls on the team have been on the team with me since freshman year, and it’s going to be weird not practicing with them every day after I leave for college,” Butterworth said.

Subsequent to the individual matches, there are two double matches that take place to finish up the team’s win. The first double consists of Butterworth and Wright. The next double consists of seniors Brooke Connaster and Lindsay O’Neill.

“The season has been really great so far. It has been an amazing experience playing on the team, and I couldn’t be more grateful,” Connatser said.

If the girls prevail in their double matches, they will individually represent the state title.

“This season has been wonderful. I am so proud of us, and I will truly never forget my last season of tennis. We are currently undefeated and just won the regional title. States is coming up and our team is really looking forward to it since all of the matches will be played at Deep Run,” O’Neill said.

Overall, the team is on a winning streak and can smell the aroma of victory. Their hard work and dedication will display itself as they work to achieve the championship title.