The Enigmatic Acts

Amy Brooks, Staff Writer

The Enigmatic Acts was an experience full of fun skits and students showing off their talents. Senior David Wright was the director of the event, and he felt that the Enigmatic Acts was different from a regular show.

“The Enigmatic Acts is a music and comedy variety show that usually features talents, a house band, skits and sketches, and some more. The name itself, however, gives you a bit more information. Enigmatic is a word meaning mysterious and inexplicable,” Wright said.

Since this was only the third year that the show had been performed, it was not as known as other things. It has been slowly growing with each year it debuts. Each year, there have been more acts, talents, and people that are becoming more involved. This year, the host was senior Abigail Hunneycutt who also played the main character, Wednesday Addams, in the school’s musical this past spring.

“This show has actually been occurring annually since 2017, which I guess is a testament to how “under the radar” the show is. However, we’ve been improving how we’ve done it each year. As with running a show, you always run into obstacles. So, even if you saw the show last year, it’ll always be a different experience,” Wright said.

The show had a lot of student participation and was almost entirely student-driven. Many of the students were returning veterans to show.

“We are always fortunate to have such talented individuals working on the show. Of course, we don’t have the same number of people working the show as a play production would have, but we have a really strong group. This year, you can expect plenty of comical sketches, fun music, and plants,” Wright said.

The Enigmatic Acts happened on Friday, May 17.

“The show did go quite well! Dare I say, this might have been the smoothest Enigmatic Acts we’ve done. We had a good turnout and everyone appeared to enjoy the show, so I’m counting this year as a success,” Wright said

All of the proceeds went to support the performing arts department and more.