Student athletes put in a tough place in wake of coronavirus pandemic


Ryan McFarlane, Editor-in-Chief

Many high school athletes nationwide have been put in a difficult predicament due to COVID-19.  Junior year is the most crucial in terms of recruiting for college level sports.  Unfortunately, some athletes in this year’s senior class feel they did not get a fair shake with their recruitment because they missed out on either the spring sports season last year and winter sports season this year. 

   Senior running back and wide receiver Miles Ellis has felt the impact of this pandemic in his bid for a collegiate football career.  Ellis, who aided the Deep Run football team in their historic season last year, was able to complete his junior season, but the pandemic forced him to stay local during the following off-season. Usually, the off-season would give players the opportunity to travel to schools, visit the campus and facility, and meet the coaches.  However, for Ellis and many other Wildcat athletes, this was restricted due to COVID-19.  

I just have to continue to work hard to achieve my goal.

— Ryan Meng

   “The pandemic has limited the ability to attend camps and see the college campuses, which really impacts the decision,” Ellis said.  “I’m grateful we at least got to play the season.”

   Additionally, senior lacrosse player Ryan Meng has aspirations of playing at the collegiate level. Meng played on the JV team as a sophomore and was going to take the next step to varsity as a junior. However, the season ultimately got canceled when the pandemic swept through the nation.

   “Obviously it’s an unfortunate situation, I was disappointed when it got canceled.  I was looking forward to being out there with my teammates.  I just have to continue to work hard to achieve my goal and have an opportunity,” Meng said.  

   Despite these obstacles, students with aspirations of playing at the collegiate level are working hard to keep the dream alive.