Review: Greys Anatomy takes on COVID in Season 17

By: Kristen Willoughby


Greys anatomy cast

Kristen Willoughby

“Grey’s Anatomy” is back yet for another season. Much like the world around us, this season is different from the others. Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the show, included COVID-19 in the season’s story arc to show how the virus is affecting essential workers. This season also illustrates how the virus affects some of the characters’ families. 

   “Grey’s Anatomy” first aired in 2005, and is now in its 17th season. There is no official word if this season is the last, but “Grey’s” fans are hoping not. ABC has stated that they are coming out with more episodes for the second half of the season in March, so, unfortunately, Grey’s fans will have to wait. 

This season, like the others, centers around Meredith Grey, a general surgeon. She is the protagonist of the show and hints at why it’s called “Grey’s Anatomy.’’ In this beginning of this season, Meredith ends up contracting the COVID-19 virus. While she is sick, the other healthy doctors try to run the hospital. It’s a very stressful situation for the other doctors because they are running out of supplies and are almost at capacity – much like the challenges real hospitals are facing today.  

Among other conflicts, Tom Koracick, the chief of surgery orders a shipment of new medical supplies needed to help patients fight the disease and protect healthcare workers at the hospital. Dr. Maggie Pierce and Dr. Teddy Otman open the box of supplies, which turns out to be just shoe coverings, adding to the already heightened drama and urgency. 

Meanwhile, Meredith is seriously ill with the virus.  This is an upsetting concern for fans of the show since the character is a fan favorite. If she dies, it could mean the show is over.  

Also over the course of this season, we see the return of two characters from previous seasons, both fan favorites. I’m not going to give it away, except to say both had a big impact on Meredith’s life. And if you’re like me, these character returns will play with your emotions.

 Like previous seasons, the first half of season 17 offers sad times, stressful times, and some happy moments too. Most importantly this season, I think the show has provided a good representation of how our hospitals are dealing with COVID.  Does Meredith recover from this horrible disease? Who else gets the virus? Who returns to the show? You will just have to watch for yourself to find out.