Review: TikTok creators cook up chaos in Ratatouille musical


Photo courtesy of: Playbill website

The official virtual playbill for the Ratatouille Musical made by Jess Siswick

Amy Brooks, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Managing Web Editor

TikTok’s large community has accomplished many things during the past couple of years, but the most notable creation from the platform would have to be the “Ratatouille: The TikTok Musical.” The idea of a musical inspired by the Disney movie “Ratatouille” became a Broadway production virtually broadcast for many to watch. 

   The hour-long musical featured many famous Broadway actors, along with aspiring actors who shared their talents over the app. The story is about a kitchen rat, Remy, played by Tituss Burgess (“Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”),  who helps an aspiring chef named Linguini, played by Andrew Feldman (“Dear Evan Hansen”), become a chef at a well-known restaurant in Paris.

   The musical was hyped up for weeks on the social media app but ultimately failed to meet expectations. There were many good numbers with dance breaks, but the expectations from the previews on TikTok were not met. The storyline was hard to follow, and just when it seemed to be the end, the plot continued to add to the complicated story. 

   The musical added Remy’s family into the storyline, presumably to include more participants in the event, and excluded many of the major parts from the original movie. This discord created a lot of side storylines that were never concluded and made the evolution of the story hard to follow. It also made the musical longer; it would have been more engaging if they left out all the extra scenes.

   Overall, the social media performance was a little underwhelming and dull for a Broadway musical. While the TikTok contributors tried to incorporate some original elements from the Disney creators, it left the audience with a scattered storyline and a chaotic live stream. The last chance to watch it was Jan. 4 on TodayTix, but anyone could probably find a video of it on YouTube.