Humans of Deep Run: Robert Helwig

Amy Brooks, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Managing Web Editor


Spanish teacher Robert Helwig shows his virtual teaching set-up for his class. (Photo courtesy of: Robert Helwig)

“I feel like it is a combination of so many different things that add up to making virtual teaching so challenging. I really miss the interaction and connections with students. Some definitely still exist in a virtual setting, but they can’t even come close to replicating or replacing the ones in a traditional classroom setting. We know that teaching to initials is not the same as seeing a classroom full of students. Planning can be a challenge because pacing, not only of curriculum, but of individual activities is just so different virtually. Because planning takes longer, it then makes grading harder because you’ve spent so much time adjusting/creating new lessons for the virtual setting. I also miss seeing my colleagues and interacting with them. […] Outside of staying busy with virtual school, I love spending time with my family, including my daughter Nora, who is almost two. Basketball is one of my favorite things, so I try and watch that when I can. I have also been reading a bit more and streaming some new shows here and there. I think teachers and students both really need their interests and hobbies right now more than ever. It’s important to be able to find something you enjoy and have it when there are so many uncertainties all around us.”