Summer Academy: New Enrichment Program


Photo courtesy of: Virtual Virginia

Nyla Bell, Lead Features editor, staff writer

HCPS is offering a new enrichment program to go along with the traditional summer school, called Summer Academy. The program includes English and math content reinforcement, course acceleration workshops, and subject/test specific enrichment courses. This program is an enhancement of the typical summer school credit recovery courses organized by the county to provide more content reinforcement and enrichment after the virtual and hybrid learning year.

   “Some students can use these accelerated classes if they want to catch up or get ahead in something, but there are also some students who will just need a break with how different this year was,” Counseling Director Jamie Jackson said.

   The content reinforcement is available for students who passed certain math and English courses but would like to strengthen their skills in that subject area. The courses don’t count towards students’ credit count and not appear on academic records or transcripts. The classes are being offered both in person and virtually.

   The course acceleration workshops are for students who want credit for certain courses like Spanish or Government. Classes will require students to spend four to six hours per day working online.

   Creative writing and speech classes are strictly extracurricular, meaning they are not credit-bearing and do not appear on the academic transcripts. Courses can be in-person or online.

   “I personally would attend, but I am happy with where I’m at with my speech and writing. It sounds like an amazing program to boost your skills for future papers and scholarships,” junior Hares Mirbacha said.

   The ACT and SAT prep workshops are for students who are preparing to take the tests in the coming year. Classes are split between two sessions and will be taught at different schools.

   The AP prep workshop is for students who will take their first AP course. The workshop will focus on how to be successful in AP classes like good note-taking skills and self-advocacy skills.

   The Summer CTE Polytech classes are partial credit and are for students willing to take part in a three-week course. Classes are $50 per course and are on a first-come, first-served basis.

   As with other years, the county will still offer credit recovery courses for students who didn’t initially pass a class; as well as opportunities for SOL and WorkKeys preparation and testing. The only thing that is new for traditional summer schooling is that it will now be conducted through Virtual Virginia.

Virtual Virginia is a program that is part of the Virginia Department of Education that offers online classes with flexibility for schools and students. 

   Registration opened on Apr. 12 and ends June 22. 

(Photo courtesy of: HCPS)