Cross Country team tackles COVID-19


Lauren Brennan, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Managing Print Editor

Cross Country finally started back up, allowing the athletes to enjoy the coming warm weather and get back to  running. Athletes of all sports have had to adapt due to COVID-19 restrictions, and cross country was no exception. Some of the restrictions in place for cross country are limited pods for practices, limited teams at meets, and increased mask-wearing. 

   Pre-Covid, the races could have upwards of 100 teams competing in large races. In smaller races, it was more common to see around 10-20 teams. Most people have seen the big take-off for cross country events, where all the runners take off at the same time in a line. Now the runners are going in several waves in order to limit the number of people runners have close contact with to prevent any possible COVID-19 issues.

The team is led by Coach Spicer, who is also a teacher in Henrico County at Holman Middle School as a physical education and math teacher. The assistant coach for XC is Cole Giles.

Congratulations to the girls teams for placing third in the state championship. Special shout out to Sidney Walters and Riley Schindel who got All-State honors!