Humans of Deep Run: Geneva Ibeh

Amy Brooks, Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Managing Web Editor


Senior Geneva Ibeh gives her advice and insight about going to college. (Photo courtesy of: Geneva Ibeh)

“Being a senior during Covid has been really hard. Class of 2021 missed out on a lot of things like junior and senior prom for example. I lost out on a lot of Volunteer opportunities because of businesses closing due to the pandemic. […] I am excited to graduate and begin my life. I feel like college is a fresh start in a way. You are probably in a new place, with new people, and new priorities. Right now I am looking at Virginia Tech and Penn State. I plan to pursue a neuroscience degree at both of these schools. My dream school though would be something in London. […] I would say that people need to remember to rely on themselves. If you want something don’t wait for someone to bring it to you. Go out and get it.”