DRHS Teachers Place in Finals for REB Awards

History Teacher, Megan Dalton, gets selected as a R.E.B. finalist
Science teacher, Amy Earle is recognized as a R.E.B. finalist in Henrico.













As vaccinations roll out, and life slowly gets back to normal, more good news has come to our school. Two of our teachers, Meagan Dalton and Amy Earle, have placed as finalists for the R.E.B. Awards for Teaching Excellence. The R.E.B. Awards are monetary grants given out by the Community Foundation for Greater Richmond. They are rewarded outstanding teachers in the public school divisions of Chestfield, Hanover, Henrico and the City of Richmond.

  In order to be considered for one of the awards, a nomination must be submitted along with a letter of support from another person. Then the foundation evaluates the teachers by sending them three standardized questions via email and collecting an appraisal of their teaching ability from their principal. According to the Community Foundation’s website, ability to inspire students and dedication to teaching are some of the most important qualities they look for.

   “This was a much needed confidence boost in a year that is exceptionally challenging for teachers,” Dalton said. She, like many other educators, was discouraged by the lockdowns and pandemic. “This is a really, really nice reminder that I am a capable teacher.”

 The amount of money awarded to each finalist ranges from $5,000 to $15,000. The grants are expected to support professional development activities, and the teachers are asked to make proposals on how they plan to use the money.

   Dalton says she would like to do a big trip. “I’m thinking about doing South America or Central America, and maybe Spain as well.” This would allow her to do some hands-on learning about these foreign countries and draw comparisons between the culture in Spain and the leftover influence in its former colonies.

   Earle, on the other hand, would prefer to stay more local. “I’d like to go to grad school and pursue my master’s degree in learning.”

   Both teachers have expressed their hopes that the other gets their trip approved as well. “I am hopeful that we both are chosen to have our projects funded,” Earle said, a sentiment we at the Sentinel share as well.