Students eager for the COVID-19 vaccine

Kirtan Joshi, Staff Writer

   This year has not been easy. First, there was a strict lockdown which led to drive-through graduations and birthdays, and taking family walks every day just to get out of the house. But now, life is becoming a little more normal with the introduction of the vaccine. 

   The COVID vaccine was recently made available for children ages 12-16. A number of students are excited about experiencing their first doses. 

  “I recommend everyone to get the COVID vaccine to keep everyone safe!” freshman Ashley Xiao said. “If you participate in any sports, then make sure to take it easy and be aware that your arm will feel sore.”

Xiao poses with her vaccination card after her first dose.

   Getting the vaccine may mean fewer restrictions for everyone, but Xiao isn’t the only one to experience the side effects.

 “Getting the vaccine made my arm hurt the next day,” freshman Garv Chawla said. 

   The COVID vaccine does have some side effects such as sore arm, fever, and body weakness. This is normal and usually only lasts a day or two. 

Many amusement parks, grocery stores, and restaurants aren’t requiring masks anymore if you have gotten the vaccine, so many students want to get their dose soon. 

  “I am planning on getting mine soon, but I am a little nervous about the side effects,” freshman Wynn Robbins said. “Many people have told me it hurts, which is why I am feeling a bit more nervous.”

   As this past year has been difficult for everyone, the COVID vaccine is becoming the light at the end of the tunnel.  As of now, many students are fully vaccinated, if not waiting for their second dose of the vaccine. The widespread use of the vaccine will likely lift a lot of restrictions once the school year starts, returning us to something a little closer to normal.